B.S. Engineering, 1969, Southern Illinois University
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1976, Southern Illinois University


In Pardee's industry beginnings, he worked for Texaco, Anadarko Petroleum, and small independent oil companies. Pardee recognized bypassed gas zones in over 50 wells and developed a program that increased production 50 MMCFD for Texaco; he recognized an under-developed Mississippian zone in Kansas for Anadarko that resulted in reworks of all 12 field wells, the drilling of 4 new wells, and the doubling of the field's production. He improved production and/or substantially reduced operating expenses, for every producer for whom he has worked.

Pardee has utilized the same drive and perseverance in building his own company.

Pardee is a Director of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association and is also active in local civic organizations.